Professor Charles Hamaker is celebrating 35 years at SMC.

Charlie Hamaker is a treasured professor in the math department whose good-natured artistry in conveying mathematics is sought out by students and colleagues alike. His listening skills and balanced opinions have helped to keep the department on an even keel.

Charlie has supported the growth of Computer Science at SMC and served twice as department chair. He has also served as the Collegiate Seminar Program Director. He is the only member of the School of Science to present at the national conference of the Association for Core Texts and Courses, in multiple years. (Presentation topics varied from the Odyssey to Adolphe Quetelet’s inception of statistics as a method in the social sciences, to science fiction, to a comparison of the Tao Te Ching to The Prince.)

His inspirational and supportive instruction have impacted countless students, including SMC’s own Dana Herrera. He and his wife have raised four children, one of whom has followed in Charlie’s footsteps to become a math professor as well. He is our true Renaissance man.