Saint Mary's College of California

First-Year Courses: Calculus

Guide to First-Year Calculus Courses

Math 27: Calculus I

  • This is a standard first-semester calculus course. It is required for all lab science majors.
  • Enrollment requires Math Placement Level 4.

Math 13: Calculus with Elementary Functions I

  • This is the first half of a two-semester course on Calculus I which incorporates a review/study of related precalculus topics.
  • A student who completes Math 13 followed by Math 14 gets credit for Calculus I.
  • Enrollment requires Math Placement Level 3 or higher.

If your major requires Calculus I, but you are placed in Level 1 or Level 2, you are required to take Math 12 first in order to put yourself in the best position to succeed in calculus.

Math 12: Math Readiness for Calculus

Possible Schedules

Please consult the following table to determine the most efficient way to schedule your required courses given your placement level.

Placement Level 1 or 2 Level 1 or 2 Level 3 Level 3 Level 4
Fall 2017 Math 12 Math 12 Math 13 Math 13 Math 27
(B- or better) (C- or better) (B- or better) (C- or better)
Jan 2018 Math 13 Math 14
Spring 2018 Math 14 Math 13 Math 28 Math 14 Math 28 or 38
(if needed) (if needed)
Fall 2018 Math 28 Math 14 Math 28
(if needed) (if needed)

What’s New

The Math & CS Department is seeking applications for the Brother Dominic Barry Math Scholarships, which will be awarded to incoming freshmen in 2016! For information, go to Activities » Math Scholarship Competition.

Math in the Media

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