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Math Monday

Join us at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, October 26 in Galileo 201 for Math Monday! Our very own Prof. Ellen Veomett will be talking about Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs. The talk will be accessible to students of all levels…and (as usual) there will be refreshments!

Abstract: This talk will take us through a journey of graph coloring. We’ll start with some basic definitions and the well-known four and five color theorems. We’ll also discuss the fascinating question of the chromatic number of the plane. Finally, we’ll talk about new results on box graphs, which are graphs defined using blocks and their intersections. This talk will be extremely accessible, while at the same time including some modern research topics.


Questions? Contact Prof. Michael Nathanson at

Erica Musgrave: NSA Intern

Mathematics senior Erica Musgrave was recently featured in Saint Mary’s Magazine for her very top-secret experience in the Director’s Summer Program at the National Security Agency.


2015 Joseph P. McKenna Award

A huge congratulations to mathematics senior Elijah Soria, winner of this year’s prestigious Joseph P. McKenna award! As a recipient of the top award of the Saint Mary’s School of Science Summer Research Program, Elijah will have the opportunity to present his research at the 2016 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Seattle. Way to go, Elijah!

What’s New

The Math & CS Department is seeking applications for the Brother Dominic Barry Math Scholarships, which will be awarded to incoming freshmen in 2016! For information, go to Activities » Math Scholarship Competition.

Math in the Media

The United States has won the Math Olympiad for the first time in 21 years!

Quanta Magazing highlights a new result of Princeton mathematician Maria Chudnovsky regarding the coloring of perfect graphs.