Saint Mary's College of California

Irene Jai

blankIrene Jai

Lecturer of Mathematics
M.S. in Applied Mathematics, UC San Diego, 1997

Telephone: (925) 631-8214
Office: Galileo 204

About: Prof. Jai is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, but grew up in Los Angeles. She spends most of her time burning fuel while shuttling her three kids around. When her day is not dictated by Google Calendar, Prof. Jai can be found binge-reading novels. She also likes to “exercise” at the SMC Gym, laughing out loud while reading a book.

What’s New

The Math & CS Department is seeking applications for the Brother Dominic Barry Math Scholarships, which will be awarded to incoming freshmen in 2016! For information, go to Activities » Math Scholarship Competition.

Math in the Media

The United States has won the Math Olympiad for the first time in 21 years!

Quanta Magazing highlights a new result of Princeton mathematician Maria Chudnovsky regarding the coloring of perfect graphs.