The STEM Center

The STEM Center offers free drop-in tutoring for students enrolled in math or science courses. It is staffed by advanced math and science majors.

Location: Assumption 210
Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 7pm–9pm

Math Pedagogy Center

Located on the first floor of Galileo Hall, the Math Pedagogy Center is a space for math majors (and other students enrolled in math courses) to hang out and engage in various math-related activities (this is a place for students to do homework, work on group projects, cram for exams late into the night, and such).



The pedagogy center is equipped with a large chalk board, a plethora of math textbooks, 4 computers, a printer, couches, tables and chairs, a kitchen (with fridge), and games. Math majors enjoy year-round 24-hour access to the pedagogy center.

Location: Galileo 116
Public Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm