SMC Resources

The STEM Center

Funded by a recent HSI STEM grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the STEM Center offers many services for students enrolled in math or science courses at Saint Mary’s. 

  • Drop-in chemistry and math tutoring: Monday-Thursday 12-2 PM and 4-9 PM; Sunday 6-8 PM
  • Study space and computer stations
  • “Pathways to Science” speakers series featuring world-class scientists
  • Social events with free food

The STEM Center is located on the second floor of Assumption Hall, in the old “stoody”. For more information about the STEM Center and its services, contact Dr. Natacha Cesar-Davis, Director of the HSI STEM Program, at

Math/CS Pedagogy Center

Located on the first floor of Galileo Hall, the Math/CS Pedagogy Center is a space for Mathematics and Computer Science majors (and other students enrolled in Math/CS courses) to hang out and engage in various Math/CS-related activities (this is a place for students to do homework, work on group projects, cram for exams late into the night, and such).



The pedagogy center is equipped with a large chalkboard, a plethora of math textbooks, 4 computers, a printer, couches, tables and chairs, a kitchen (with fridge), and games. Math majors enjoy year-round 24-hour access to the pedagogy center.