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Declaring a major or minor in Mathematics?

Graduates of the Department are active in an extraordinarily wide range of careers and graduate programs.

The power of mathematical thinking — pattern recognition, generalization, abstraction, problem solving, careful analysis, and rigorous argument — is an important asset which is highly valued by employers.

For an idea of what you can do with a math major, check out When Will I use Math?

Declaring a split major in Mathematics?

Can’t choose between your passion for biology and your love of math? Don’t think you can graduate on time with a double major? Try a split major! With a split major in math and a second field, you’ll complete the lower division requirements of both fields, but only have to complete half of the upper division courses in each major. Speak with your advisor for more information.

Completing an honors contract?

Want to learn interesting applications of mathematics? Or explore a topic not covered in your favorite math class? An honors contract in a regular math course might be just what you need to explore. Speak with any math professor for more information.

Engaging in summer research at SMC?

Can’t seem to let go of your term project in a math class? Want to experience actual research in mathematics? Apply for the School of Science Summer Research Program! You can spend 10 weeks in close collaboration with a faculty advisor on a self-designed project gaining first-hand experience with genuine mathematical research. Each participant receives a stipend, housing on campus, and a very rewarding experience! Speak with any math professor for more information.

Applying for an REU?

Want to experience scientific research at another college or university with students from all over the country? Apply for an REU! Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) provides opportunities for undergraduate students to experience hands-on participation in research or related scholarly activity in mathematics and other STEM fields. There are a plethora of REU programs held each summer; check out AMS’s list of 2015 REUs. for more information.

Working for the Department?

Looking for part-time employment during the semester? Maybe you should consider becoming a grader or SI leader for the Department or tutor at the STEM Center! These opportunities are especially helpful for future teachers and students wishing to go on to graduate school. For more about these positions, contact Prof. Chris Jones.