Why study math?

Humans have been fascinated by mathematics for centuries, for the study of mathematics is a challenging and deeply rewarding endeavor. Mathematics is a liberal art fundamental to a true education as mathematical practices train students to reason and communicate analytically, clearly and logically. A degree in mathematics also provides an excellent foundation for a wide selection of careers and academic studies.

The department offers both an arts and a science degree, and a degree program with a concentration in computer science.
The mathematics program at Saint Mary’s College prepares graduates to:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of the core SMC undergraduate mathematics curriculum.
  2. Communicate mathematical ideas and concepts with precision and clarity in both oral and written forms using mathematical reasoning and symbolic representation.
  3. Undertake independent scholarly investigations using appropriate mathematical resources.
  4. Integrate the use of a variety of technological tools in problem solving.

Why study at Saint Mary’s?

Saint Mary’s College of California is one of the oldest colleges in the West. It is situated in the peaceful, scenic and secure foothills of the Moraga Valley. Classes at Saint Mary’s College are small and professors in the department enjoy working closely with students. Our students have access to tutoring, employment and summer research opportunities through the Math & CS department and our math graduates are active in an extraordinarily wide range of careers.